Friday, May 14, 2010

Words Of Encouragement

1 day to go.

We are receiving many messages of support and encouragement today. Here is a particularly eloquent example from Rod and Caroline King, who we shall visit in Reading along the way.

Hi Vic n Gay,

Hope you have managed to get all the V-Force One teething problems out of the way.

Good luck to both of you as you commence your epic journey tomorrow.

We hope that all your physical and mental preparation holds you in good stead over the coming 10 weeks.

We also hope that the weather is as kind to you as it was to us on our recent journey:

That the terrain ahead does not present any unforeseen or unwelcome difficulties.

And, most of all that your body and limbs carry you safely to your ultimate objective.

Hope you enjoy the countryside and all the new acquaintances you are bound to make along the way.

In brief, enjoy you walk! (Drive safely, Gay). And see you at the end of June.

Very best wishes,

Rod and Caroline.

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AngloINFO Midi-Pyrénées said...

Good luck Vic, from AngloINFO Midi-Pyrénées!

We hope all goes well for you and that the weather improves!