Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day Five Extra

Thanks to a donated Internet connection, I just managed to add photographs to the last few posts.

From here on, the walk becomes very rural, with even less chance of a decent connection via my dongle. I may manage to post, but quite likely without enough signal strength to add pictures. I will come back and add them whenever I can.

Don't forget, double-clicking on any of the pictures will enlarge them.

When Gay came to the tourist office, seeking information about Internet access, there just happened to be a journalist here. He is interested in the story of Vic's Big Walk for Pancreatic Cancer research, and came across to V-Force One to make an appointment for this evening. He is coming at 7 for interview and photographs, then he is giving us a lift to the pizzeria. This is extremely convenient because it is where I finished walking this morning - Gay and I will walk back to the campsite, and in the morning I will start out on the track I seek, which just happens to start about 20 metres from our vehicle.

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talesfromagarden said...

Well done lovely photos all the preparation is paying off! Sky news next I guess!