Monday, May 10, 2010

Two L:ittle Boys - No Two Little Toys

5 days to go.

Here is a story which warmed the cockles of my heart (what on earth does that mean?) this morning. There have been several generous donations over the weekend to Pancreatic Cancer research, the very needy cause for which I am just about to walk 2,000 kms. But this one tops the lot.

£20. Not the biggest donation I have had, but certainly not the smallest. And it comes from two little boys who have given up their total income for the week. My grandsons in Italy left this message on the donation page:

"Alessandro and Francesco would like to donate this week's pocket and cinema money to this worthy cause and tell their super granddad he's the best. xx Donation by Alessandro and Francesco xx 09/05/10"

Thanks boys - I am not the best - you are!

My granddaughter Alexandra and my eldest grandson Joshua also contributed over the weekend to the fund in memory of their beloved Nana. Alex and Josh are also the best, as they well know.

I wanted the fund to reach 50% of the target before I set out. This wonderful gesture by my offspring's offspring puts us just £68 short of that goal. Over to you.

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