Thursday, May 13, 2010

Not In Hot Water

2 days to go.

Yesterday we were supposed to stay overnight in V-Force One, at the Puivert campsite, to test out such things as the water heater. We have used the heater, the night we spent in St Girons (funny, it was raining then, and it still is, without much pause in between) a couple of weeks ago, but it was plugged into the camp mains. There will be some nights in the vehicle when we shall not be on a camp - those nights the gas has to provide the heat.

We didn't spend the night on the campsite because we had to go over to Pamiers for a missing insurance document - today is a public holiday and tomorrow is taken as a "bridge" to make it a long weekend.

So this afternoon Gay toddled through the rain to the campsite, to try out the water 'otter. Guess what? It doesn't work at all, even when plugged into the mains. I suspect that while doing some other work in there this week, something else has become disconnected. Now we have to go back to Pamiers tomorrow - if they are open and have not taken the "bridge" - to get it fixed. And as you can imagine, we had other things planned for tomorrow because the following morning we are off.

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