Friday, May 28, 2010

Day Fourteen

27.5 kms today. I have been walking for two weeks and have covered 450 kms. How am I feeling? A bit tired towards the end of each walk (even a “short” one like today’s) but OK an hour or two later and ready by the next morning for another effort. My feet are certainly in better condition than they were a week ago. Amazingly, I have not lost any weight, yet we are not eating big meals and have not even had any wine, except for a small amount on the three occasions we have eaten out.

We are parked in a wood, a simple camping ground attached to an interesting premises. Monsieur breeds geese for foie gras. There is also a hangar and an airstrip as part of the ensemble – monsieur’s son is a keen pilot and in fact was in the air when I arrived here after walking from St Leon.

Gay had done such a good job of ironing out the kinks in GR36 that from St Leon to here was only 23.5 so, after a cup of tea, I walked on another 4 kms to the point where I will start tomorrow morning. I was showered, dressed, and we had eaten lunch before 1330.

Oops! Nicola just pointed out that I have not said where we are. We are at Milhac d'Auberoche. Tomorrow night we shall be in one of our favourite places - Brantome.

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