Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Coiled Spring

3 days to go.

I hadn't planned to do much walking this week, partly because there are lots of preparations to make for a 3-month absence, and to make sure V-Force One is stocked for the journey. Also I need to make sure that I take enough kit, especially sufficient changes of walking kit for a trip during which we may find access to laundry facilities a bit thin on the ground.

The other reason for not planning much walking is to let my legs recover from the hard months of training and to store energy so that at 8 am on Saturday morning I leap from the starting blocks like a coiled spring, so to speak. So I have been doing about 5 kms a day, and that has not been a walk as such, just ground covered while pottering around doing the necessary.

Just as well I hadn't planned to do much. It seems every day there is an emergency and a unplanned drive to somewhere, unlike Puivert, which has shops and businesses. Yesterday it was a drive to Lavelanet to resuscitate the dongle. Today we had to go even further, at very short notice, to Pamiers because our vehicle insurance had not arrived in the post and the the insurance office is closed tomorrow because it is a national holiday and Friday is being taken as a "bridge" - a day off to make it a long weekend.

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talesfromagarden said...

I am sure you will rise to the occasion! When I entered a few road races (back in the day!) I felt on the day the crowds and the fact that "the day had arrived" for which I had been training for helped me along and made me capable of a lot more than I thought I was capable of so hopefully the same will apply to you, what a marvelous adventure awaits you so go with it and absorb the atmosphere and all that goes with it!