Sunday, May 9, 2010

Vic's Big Schedule

6 days to go.

Above are my pretty definitive routes through France and England. Double-clicking on either picture will enlarge it. If you single click on it again, it will fill the screen.

Please note that there is a slight change from the French route I published a few days ago.

I had jumped a date - 6th June was missing. Nobody spotted this. Now I have corrected it and the dates for all the subsequent stages have changed by one day. Also, as a result I have inserted a rest day on 25 June, otherwise I would have arrived at Ouistreham on 26/6 - the ferry is booked for 27/6.

You will note that while walking through England I diverge from the route straight up the canals. This is so that I can visit various places in Staffordshire and Cheshire where I lived and worked for many years. If I am behind schedule I can miss out this diversion and press on up the canals.

Also, I should say that the pace through France is extremely punishing. If illness or injury force me to fall behind schedule, the dates may change. Again, if this makes me cross to England later than planned, there is some leeway in the English schedule which hopefully will allow me to catch up.

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