Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day Thirteen

“Flower of the Aquitaine” – a line from the Mark Knopfler song “Done with Bonaparte”. There are lots of wild flowers here, of course, as in the rest of France. As the picture shows the really dominant one at the moment is the poppy.

I left Sarlat early this morning. The first kilometre was descent into the town centre, then I climbed over 500 metres in the next two kilometres. Soon after I had left the city limits I was into bewilderment mode, because where my next planned junctions and changes of course should have been, there was instead a bypass under construction, which had obliterated all sign of what was on the map. Nothing daunted, I pressed on.

Much of the day was spent walking in rain. Miserable, but much better than the three thunderstorms we had yesterday, which fortunately waited until we were at our base for the night.

We have arrived at St Leon sur Vezere, after a walk of just over 30 kms (total 423 kms so far) and the now expected total ascent of 1276 metres.

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