Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day Five

Today’s walk was a little shorter, at 31.5 kms. That’s 170.5 kms for VBW so far, in total.

Again, most of it was quite hilly, with a total of 837 metres climbed today. I think it was even more yesterday.

I have now finished the road section of the walk. From here on it will be mostly Grandes Randonnées, or walking tracks. These tend to wander about all over the place, sometimes with big loops of, for instance, 10 kms, which only advance you 2 kms on your way. Where this happens, wherever possible, I will use roads as shortcuts to intersect the loops.

We are camped at Salvagnac, 14, 13, or 11 kms, depending upon which signposts you read, from Lisle sur Tarn, where I stopped for coffee and a text message from Septimus – who is on a walking cruise (work that one out) in Norway.

I saw a welcome sign as I came into the village – “pizza au feu du bois” – pizza made in a wood-fired stove. Our journey from here on is even more rural, passing only through small villages, and I thought I had left the prospect of pizzas behind me for a few weeks. I do like a good pizza, so we shall be off to that restaurant tonight. By a strange coincidence, tomorrow we shall be having Penne – that is the name of tomorrow night’s stop, but all Italophiles know that it is also the name of one type of that other traditional Italian dish, pasta.

I have no broadband dongle signal here, although we have just made a telephone call quite successfully to Penne.

The tourist office is nearby. When Gay asked if there was anywhere locally where we could access the Internet, the lady behind the counter said we could log in on her WiFi. So here I am.

The pictures show a lovely old watermill at St Pierre, just after I started out this morning, and what seems to be a Martian spaceship, not far from where I finished today's walk.

This blog entry may appear late because I am finding it very difficult to get connection to the Internet. I have a dongle for the Orange Internet Everywhere service – but it certainly does not work everywhere.

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