Saturday, May 1, 2010

V-Force One

14 days to go.

By popular demand, here are the first pictures of the Battlebus, now redesignated V-Force One. The special "Vic's Big Walk" decoration will be added soon.

Starting two weeks today, this will be our home for 3 months or so. Commander Gay will fly V-Force One on 70 consecutive 30-kms missions while I clear the ground on foot. Then we shall faff around in UK for a while before meandering our way homewards.

We spent our first night in the module last night, having driven over to St Girons, approximately 100 kms from here and one of our favourite places. Pity about the weather, but it seems we are stuck with it for the next few day. Wet is the word, but at least we have heard no more about the threatened snow.


talesfromagarden said...

That is a serious battle bus! Looks fantastic, I am sure you wont mind making it your home for the next while!

Dalek Links said...

That's one sleek baby.

emoorkens said...

Hi Vic,

Your V-force one looks fantastic.

We fly in on Wednesday 12th to count you down and see you off - we will probably last a few hundred metres or so and after that you are on your own!!!

I don't know about you but we are getting very excited about your adventure!!!

Love, Ev and Ian