Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day Two

These blog entries will appear late because I am finding it very difficult to get connection to the Internet. I have a dongle for the Orange Internet Everywhere service – I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that it should be renamed Internet Nowhere. As I send this, it seems that I have enough signal strength for words, but not for the picture I am trying to place on here. I will add it when I can.

I walked nearly 40 kms yesterday. 34 of them were for VBW, from Puivert to Mirepoix. The rest were walking into town and back a couple of times, once in the afternoon to find an Internet café -because I had very poor reception with my dongle - and in the evening for a pizza.

Today I walked from Mirepoix to Salles sur l’Hers (we have a river Hers and a river His in this area), which was again 34 kms, rather than the 30 I had expected. So I am already 68 kms along my route.

I nearly had a disaster just as I set out from the café where I had breakfast before saying goodbye to Gay. I had walked on 50 metres when I realised that the koala attached to the brim of my hat was no longer there. I turned round and it was lying on the pavement outside the café.

Also on my hat I have a New Zealand badge. Our friend Denise of Alexandra, in New Zealand, gave Gay and myself one each to carry throughout VBW “so that we would know our New Zealand friends were with us all the way”. The koalas, again one each, were donated on Friday evening, when our Australian friends Ang and Paul gave a farewell dinner for us. Similarly, they are to remind us that our Australian friends are supporting us throughout the walk

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