Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 7

We are now in Caylus, a place we realise we have visited before. I have walked 33 kms today, which took only 6 hours (a short walk after yesterday) from Penne, and 241 kms for the 7 days.

An uneventful day spent mainly marvelling at the splendid scenery of the Gorges de Aveyron and such places as St Antonin Noble Val, 12 kms back down the road, and providing the bridge picture.

I have learned something from yesterday’s experience. Although most people walking the GRs do so to enjoy the rurality and the challenge of the great rough outdoors, I have a different objective – I need to get North. It is no advantage or pleasure to me, to walk for over 9 hours to cover only 38 kms and to advance, as the crow flies, probably on 20 kms in the right direction. From now on, if the road is a better choice to get onwards, and if it is a quiet road, then the road it is for me.

Oh, and the shoes? They do feel slightly roomier around the toebox. Thank you, Colin, Liz, Ang and Paul. And especially Gay, who worried these old shoes back to life.

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DianneOz said...

Thinking of you from Sydney, and wishing you well...all power to those feet..
Di (Ange's friend)