Monday, May 3, 2010

And Now, For Positively The Last Time ...

12 days to go, and today, for the last time before VBW - possibly for the last time ever - I walked the 34 kms from Mirepoix to home, mainly on the old railway track. This week, as for the last few, I will walk about 100 kms. Next week, apart from Saturday and Sunday, during which I will walk the first two stages of VBW, I will be ticking over at about 5 kms a day, gathering my resources.

The weather has turned a bit grim here. It has been raining all weekend and is set to do the same for several more days. Tomorrow the forecast is for 5 degrees maximum - I remind you that this is the South of France and it is May. In other years we have seen consecutive days of 36 degrees and then 11 - but 5!!!

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