Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day Fifteen

Today’s walk took me to Champcevenil, from Milhac d’Auberoche. Gay picked me up in Champcevenil and drove us to Brantôme, where we shall stay the next two nights, it being one of our favourite places. All three towns are in the Dordogne departement.

There is still a troglodytic element in much of the Dordogne. In Brantôme, for instance, many of the shops are in caves, with a normal shop front. Many of the people live in caves, with a normal house front. This evening, we shall dine in a cave, where people used to live 8,000 years ago, and our pizza will be cooked where those people prepared their own food. How cool is that?

I walked 33.5 kms, giving a VBW total so far of 484. Total ascents today were 1608 metres, which is quite enough.

On the way, I walked through a place called le Boute du Monde – the ends of the earth. It was certainly the end of the road for these vehicles, seen near there. There were more, including some old American army jeeps.

The navigation officer is in the throes of some drastic rerouting, which will probably mean that we shall not be going through some of the places on the published schedule. I will list the changes when they have taken place. In the meantime, anybody planning to meet us in the next couple of weeks should contact us before doing so.

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