Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day Eleven

It was an early start from La Bastide Murat this morning. Partly because it was forecast to be 31 degrees, the same as yesterday. That is far too hot for this type of activity, especially when the summer has been so reluctant to arrive and there has been no acclimatisation.

Another reason for the early start was that we tend to wake up as the light filters into V-Force One, and the birds start to sing. That is normally just after five at this time of the year. So I am usually walking well before 7.

Yesterday, however, I awoke to hear a bird ringing dem bells, and my mind decided it was time to rise. It took me some time to realise that it was a nightingale, and that the time was only 2 a.m. Because I had switched into getting-up mode, I slept only fitfully after that. And one does need a good night’s sleep every night when walking over 30 kms a day.

We are at Souillac, I have walked 31.5 fairly uneventful kilometres today and 359.5 kms in VBW so far.

The pics show a wonderful building next to yesterday’s campsite, a lonely walker approaching Vers a couple of days ago, and the old abbey here in Souillac

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