Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dead As A Dongle

4 days to go.

The publicity is hotting up. Columbia have done a magnificent press release, which they are going to send to various newspapers as I travel up the country. So they have so far only sent it to 3 newspapers in this area. Already a journalist and photographer have been round to the house. Tomorrow we have a photographer coming to capture V-Force One and Gay and myself strutting our stuff in Columbia kit.

There has also been a marked increase in people reading my blog, and in donations to Pancreatic Cancer research. We have been very touched to receive several cheques from people in the village, who we know are not awash in money.

I have just tested the dongle for my laptop, to find it doesn't work any more. So we had to dash over to Lavelanet, between journalists and photographers and well-wishers, to find why not, or possibly to buy a new one!!

Seems that because we didn't use it for a few months while we were in New Zealand, the card expired.

Never mind, after a bit of teeth-sucking, they just gave us (i.e. no charge) a new card, and all is well, I will be able to blog on the move.

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