Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Too Darn Hot To Move Over

It is very hot here. Too hot for walking. If I had to I would, but I don't have to, so I won't. I will bag enough kilometres this week even if I leave the next walk to the weekend, which I may well do. There are a number of things in the way this week, real-life things. Yesterday there was the trip to Carcassonne airport with Sep and Mrs Sep. Later in the day we went to the Abbaye-Chateau at Camon to celebrate our wedding anniversary. It's the best restaurant around here now, although we have never been before. We committed ourselves to staying overnight before we realised what it was going to cost us. A magnificent building. Have a look at this website, you will be impressed:

Tomorrow we drive up to Brantome in the Dordogne, to hand over a computer I have sold. Brantome happens to be one of our favourite places, so it is not too much of an imposition, Nevertheless, it is a 5 or 6 hour drive there and the same back on Friday, so that will snooker walking for those days. Tomorrow night we shall be eating a pizza in a cave where people lived 8000 years ago. Where the pizza oven stands is where they cooked 8000 years ago. Many of the businesses in Brantome look to be a normal shop front but when you step inside, there you are in a cave. Many of the houses as well. Google it.

The sudden tropical weather and the torpor it induces reminds me of this wonderful tale from my boyhood. We would often hear the recorded version of this on the radio, spoken in a very weary, lugubrious voice.


Carson Robison - 1948
Tex Williams & The Western Caravan - 1948

The sun comes up and the sun goes down
The hands on the clock go round and roumd
I just wake up and it's time to lay down,
Life gets tee-jus, don't it?

My shoe's untied, but shucks, I don't care
Cuz I reckon I ain't a-goin' nowhere,
I'd brush my teeth and comb my hair
Just too much wasted effort.

The water in the well gets lower and lower,
Ain't had a bath in a month or more
I've heard it said and I'm sure it's true
That too much bathin'll weaken you.

Danged ol' mule, he must be sick.
I jabbed him in the rump with a pin on a stick
He hunched his back, but he wouldn't kick
Something cock-eyed somewhere.

Hound dog's howlin' so forlorn
Laziest dawg that ever was born
He's howlin' 'cause he's sittin' on a thorn
Just too tired to move over.

Well, the cow's gone dry and the hens won't lay
And my well dried up last Saturday
My troubles keep pilin' up day by day
And now I'm gettin' dandruff.

Roof's a-leakin' and the chimney leans,
An' there's a hole in the seat of my old blue jeans
Now I've eat the last of the pork an' beans,
Just can't depend on nuthin'

Mouse is gnawin' at the pantry door
He's been at it now for a month or more
When he gets through he'll sure be sore
'Cause there ain't a dang thing in there.

Well, it's debts and taxes and pains and woes
Aches and miseries and that's how it goes
And now I'm getting a cold in my nose,
Life gets tasteless, don't it?

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