Sunday, July 12, 2009

Let's Nail This Serial Killer

Pancreatic cancer is the most deadly of the cancers. There is a shockingly low survival rate. And yet it is also the least known cancer. 5% of cancer deaths are from cancer of the pancreas, yet it receives only 1% of the funding. Most people are not aware of its existence.

I have a very personal reason for wanting to help in the fight against this deadly illness. My first wife Gaile died only a few short weeks after diagnosis. My daughters miss their mother dreadfully. One of my grandchildren has never seen his grandmother. The others have only dim memories because they were so young when she died.

So what can we do to help? I am going to walk 1800 kms. You can support me with a donation to Pancreatic Cancer UK, and I hope you will do so. Even if you do not live in UK, the work done will benefit people in your country, possibly somebody close to you.

Today I have inserted a “JustGiving” link at the top right of my of my blog. If you click on that it will take you to my fund-raising page on JustGiving. The procedure for donation is simple and quick.

After you have donated, I would like you to write to everybody on your address book, asking them to do the same. Also asking them next to write to everybody on their address books, and so on down the line.

We all receive enough chain letters which are nonsense, about non-existent or redundant viruses, or like the one about Starbucks refusing to send coffee to the troops in Iraq while in reality they had special arrangements in place to send coffee to the troops. Let’s start a chain letter which will actually do some good.

Please click that JustGiving link now. Then please write the letter to your friends. They will need the address of this blog, or just tell them to Google “Vic’s Big Walk”. That will bring them to the blog and the link will be staring them in the face. The link which could save lives.

Or you could go to the donation page by clicking on this link, or copying and pasting it into your browser:

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