Thursday, July 16, 2009

Whew! What A Scorcher!

... That would be the headline in a British newspaper if the temperature ever approached what we are experiencing here in Italy. In fact it would say that if the temperature was at or near 30 degrees. And yet here the temperature is in the mid-30s and has been there since before the end of April.

I am only glad that I was not planning on any long walks during our brief visit here. I will probably clock up 25 or so kms during the 3 days.

It has been a salutary reminder that I made the correct decision about the timing of Vic's Big Wyalk. Originall, I was due to set off from Blackpool on my birthday in July, and walk to the Pyrenees. That would have had me walking through France in August and September, possibly in the sort of temperatures we have right now in Rome.

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