Friday, July 17, 2009

Septimus Reports on My Training

A couple of days ago, Septimus left a comment on my blog. I am here promoting it into the body of the blog because:

1. I think many people do not read the comments.
2. He is the first person to share a week's VBW training with me and so gives a third-party view of what I am up to.
3. He asks if anybody has any comments on what he says, which is:

I thought I'd leave a few thoughts after our recent visit.

Pat and I realised that this particular visit may be different to others; we did not want to upset your training regime but we also wanted to socialise.

To my surprise we managed both the walking and the socialising. Although I surprised myself a little by coping O.K. with the walking regime I do confess that the early morning (early for me anyway) starts were difficult and tiring. Walking in such lovely scenery was a great help but there were times when I would have likede a Machine-Gun to encourage some drivers to behave properly. One thing that I have concluded after much thought is that, although you are undertaking a huge physical challenge (and I have no doubts that you are eminently capable of meeting that challenge), the mental challenge of walking a relentless 20 miles a day is far greater. Rather you than me mate. I did make some observations about diet and hydration and I wonder if any of your readers have any thoughts about these. After the long walks we were dehydrated despite drinking plenty of water and I wonder if you should also be using Isotonic drinks. I feel that dehydrating every day over a long period may be rather dangerous. I also wonder if you should give mare thought to your diet for that 10 weeks; you will probably need to kick off each day with more sustenance than French sticky buns . I'm off for a run now with Patch and Scrufty, sustained by porridge and a banana.

Keep up the good work (and buy that Machine-Gun).


My comment in reply was:


Thanks for your comment. You will be pleased to hear that the only days I sustain myself with French sticky buns, as you call them - buns which sustain many a French peasant through a long working day - is when I am starting from a market - an activity which was increased for the benefit of yourself and Mrs Septimus, markets being an entertainment in their own right.

My more normal breakfast is muesli and cereal, plus banana and yoghurt. Much nearer to your own porridge and banana. Sorry, can't be doing with porridge.

VH, alias BW

I wonder if anybody else has something to say about Sep's comments?

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