Sunday, July 19, 2009


Young Septimus Severinus was worrying about my hydration. I have to say that the week he was walking with me was the hottest and, more relevantly, the most humid weather we have had in these parts since the ghastly summer of 2003. For those who don't know, the more humid the weather, the more perspiration can not evaporate to perform its normal cooling function, and the more and more you perspire. Result, dehydration.

Also, the body does compensate for regular dehydration. When I used to train for long-distance running, it was my habit to run more than 20 miles each Sunday morning. I obviously sweated more that day than others. The result was that for the next few day my weight would be up by several pounds because my body was holding water in anticipation of me doing the same distance every morning. Clever things, these bodies. On Thursday, regular as clockwork, my body would realise that either it had made a mistake or I had let it down in some way, so it would let me down by sending me to the smallest room (a late friend of mine used to say "Can you point me to the sound of running water") many times, and I would lose several pounds every Thursday, just evacuated water no longer required on voyage.

I believe that my body is aware of my current antics and is holding water in the same way, except that, because I am walking long distance almost every day, the "Thursday effect" never arrives.

This is not to say that I do not need to make special efforts to hydrate myself, because I am renowned for not drinking enough of anything. A doctor once told me that my bladder is square because it has rarely been full.

The pic above shows me doing my best to maintain hydration during a long, hot climb.


Tone said...

Big Tone responding direct from his iPhone 3G to the query on updating the Vic's Big Walk

And did it work ?

Tone said...

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Vic Heaney said...

Well, Big Tone, that is the big question of the moment. I am always much lighter at the end of a hard slog, such as today's 33 kms in 30 degree heat. The weight loss is purely water and things return to normal as I drink tea and stuff after the walk. Always been the case with me, as I said, when I was running lots - whatever efforts I make to shove water in, it never seems to be as much as is coming out. But it doesn't seem to have done me any harm during 40 years of running.