Friday, July 10, 2009

Dirty Old Man's Walking Stick

Chris Goddard has come up with the goods. He is the man who spotted a walking stick with a mirror attached, while he was in Skipton.

I have been in touch with Chris. Like me, he lives in France but pops home to UK - Yorkshire in his case - occasionally.

First I thought I would see if I could find something similar to the mirror on a stick that he saw. I Googled "mirror walking stick". As usual with Google, it came up ith a lot of choices - 289,000 in this case. Top of the list was "Dirty Old Man's Walking Stick" - "comes with its own flexible mirror for looking up ladies skirts and Scotsmen's kilts (despite the name of the gadget, that unique selling point was aimed at ladies).

I decided that, if necessary, I could use the same stick for my own purposes, i.e. keeping an eye on the traffic behind me.

But Chris, when I "spoke " to him, had another suggestion. He had seen the mirror pictured above on eBay. Designed for a child, riding a bicycle, to keep an eye on the parents behind hir. Lightweight, flexible mount, and only £1.99! I ordered one and it is on its way. I will get a stick, mount the mirror on it, experiment, and report back.

Oh, one thing - it's pink!

Thanks again Chris, for your help.

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