Thursday, July 30, 2009

Currying Favourite

More advice from my adviser on nutrition and hydration, writer Jean Gardner in Bermuda. It includes some good news for curry lovers.

Jean herself takes more salt in her drinks than the amount she recommended for me. She needs more than most, but because different people obviously need different levels, she suggests starting small then cautiously testing your own requirements.

Bermuda's humidity is brutal and I seem to need more salt than most in my diet - others would find the amount of sodium I can tolerate to be an emetic for them! Also, the level of exercise you are currently undertaking is considered intensive and your needs in heat waves are very different to those of the average walker on an average day.

I would suggest you personally start with one eighth teaspoon first. Everyone's body has different needs and you won't know what works best for you until you have experimented. Essential salts are needed to retain the fluid we ingest and many 'power drinks' contain glucose and salts. I have come across more runners however who cannot tolerate fortified waters than those who can. Gatorade have just recently started to manufacture a lighter product which seems to be more tolerable so if that is available in France give it a try.

I am mostly vegetarian also, so to get protein which is needed for muscle building and repair, I eat lots of non-fat dairy products and of course soy in all forms. Brown rice and whole wheat pasta contain some protein but without question, the richest grain-derived protein source is quinoa which has 5g per quarter cup dry measurement. Quinoa is an ancient grain and can be used in a variety of ways from hot cereals to salads. it is also rich in carbs. Unfortunately I am unsure of its availability in France.

For those runners/walkers who are vegan, rice milk and soy milk are good bases for fruit and veggie smoothies and carbs (simple and complex) can be derived from all the abovementioned along with legumes, potatoes, oats and other grains, and fruits. Tomatoes are important for the those wishing to maintain a healthy heart and are very versatile as you know; they also contain sugar so spaghetti marinara is a good meal for the physically active. Take in a lentil or vegetable curry a couple of times each week too if you enjoy Indian food because turmeric is an anti-inflammatory and helps those over-worked joints and muscles to heal quickly.

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