Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Following my revelation that water and cameras do not mix, I have had another one.

Last night we went to our local Afghan restaurant and pizzeria. As usual, Carole, the proprietress, asked me about my walking. I told her that today I was going to walk from Quillan to home, 20 kms including 350 metres of climb. As usual, she said that it was too far to walk in the current very hot weather. For a change, I listened.

She is right. I do not need to be pushing myself like this at the moment. My objective is to stay fit, not to walk at VBW levels now. Not to obsess about packing in the 100+ kilometre weeks. The beginning of enlightenment came when I took a day off on Sunday to prevent myself turning a 130 kms week into a 150 kms one.

So, while this weather continues, I shall be doing shorter walks early in the morning, before it becomes really hot. No walk of more than 20 kms in the week, and most of them at 10 kms or less.

Simple, really. Why did I not see this before?

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Anonymous said...

wise man, look what happened to sarkozy!kathleen