Friday, July 3, 2009


Just got back from a mad dash up to Brantome (yesterday) and back (today). About 900 kms in all. And I forgot that today is the first day of the French holidays and carries dire driving health warnings from the authorities.

Almost all the way there yesterday was through a succession of thunderstorms with spectacular lightning effects, thunderous sounds which eclipsed the noise from the car engine, colossal rainfall which necessitated dropping speed to town levels from motorway velocity, and crazy drivers who carried on as if nothing was happening.

Two things struck me - apart from bringing back hanging for lunatically dangerous driving offences.

One was that next year, it will take me 10 walking days, hopefully plus at least one rest day, to reach Sarlat, which is almost on a level with Brantome, instead of the 5 hours or so for the car journey.

The other was that in such Gotterdammerung weather as that, I shall definitely be taking shelter, however much time it adds to my journey.

Despite all the travelling, I still managed to walk 17 kms in the two days.

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