Saturday, July 11, 2009

Columbia Come Good

I mentioned a few days ago that I was trying to get hold of Columbia to see whether they wanted to make any PR hay out of the fact that I had walked 1.500 kms in one pair of their excellent Trailmeister IV shoes, without any problems of the feet. I have another two pairs on the go, one of which is already a veteran of the VBW training program. At well over 100 kms a week, it doesn't take long to get through 1,500 kms, which I now take to be the norm for this type of shoe, with the action I am giving them. I have other redundant Trailmeisters and several brand new pairs waiting for a chance to strut their stuff.

It proved a little difficult to get through to the right people at Columbia, a company which produces many excellent products and which is still managed by the redoubtable Gert Boyle, now aged 85.

However, once I made contact with Pascale Graffman and Nathalie Snowden, things moved very fast. I had a teleconference with them yesterday afternoon and, not only do they want to frame my shoes and exhibit them in one of their stores, but they are backing me to the hilt in my walking project. They will supply me with whatever Columbia clothes I need, or anything from their subsidiary, Mountain Hardwear, they will have a link from the Columbia website to this blog, their PR companies will produce stories about me, and lots more. I now seem to have a major sponsor. Not only that - they are sending me a copy of the book about Gert's life story, which I am very keen to read. They are lovely people to deal with, as well.

I have had some press coverage and more is in the pipeline. I have been asked for photographs of me walking. There are not many in existence, so during our walk to Quillan and back this morning, Gay was snapping away so that we would have some to supply to the press and anybody else who wants them.

The photograph above is one of the results of this photoshoot. I am, of course, wearing Columbia shoes - always do, even in "civvies". As with all pictures on this blog, if you click on it, it will grow.


Leone said...

Thats great news - so glad to hear you have a major sponsor - well deserved!

Frenchforawhile said...

How fantastic! They are also a major Tour de France team sponsor. See if you can score a new bike for me!