Sunday, July 5, 2009

Two Million Steps For Mankind?

I don't know how far a thousand leagues is but these shoes have done 1500 kilometres. On my feet that is 1,875,000 steps.

They are the shoes I have waxed lyrical about on this blog several times - Columbia Trailmeister IV. I have several pairs and have probably walked 5,000 kms in this type of shoe during the past 12 months, with never a blister or a sore foot of any kind.

This particular pair are on the verge of retirement. As you can see, the tops are perfect. There is still some mileage in the soles, although they are a little gone in the most rearward portion of the heels. Nothing that a good cobbler could not fix, and I am inclined to keep them going, despite having several brand new pairs of the same shoe stacked up, gasping to be used.

Gay thinks I should retire them because, with our running experience, we know how the midsole becomes impacted, although I am sure that is not nearly so pronounced when walking.

I am reluctant to throw them away, possibly because I still have vivid memories of my father mending and resoling 7 pairs of shoes every Sunday morning because the family had only one pair each.

I have written to Columbia asking if they want to use my everlasting shoes for publicity purposes, and if they would like me to have the heel repaired and then take the shoes on to 2,0000, 000 steps, or even to 2,000 kms which would of course by 2.5000.000 steps.

Will I receive a reply? Watch this space.

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