Monday, July 13, 2009

Touching and Teething

As you know, I finally got my arrangements sorted yesterday so that people can donate to Pancreatic Cancer UK. I have already had several generous donations and in one day have achieved 5% of my target of £7,000 (70 years, 70 days, should it be £70,000?.

I know of lots more donations which are on the way when people get back home to their computers. It is never too early to contribute. The donations go straight to their work of relieving suffering and into research to end this scourge. And each donation encourages others.

I am touched by the messages I have received from people who have lost loved ones - sometimes several in one family, to this dreadful illness. Let us do what we can to save others from this fate.

It seems there are still some teething problems with JustGiving's new donation website. A generous donation from our friends Joni and Les in Maryland has appeared as "Anonymous" and without their touching message about the loss of a mother and grandmother to pancreatic cancer. I am assured by JustGiving that these problems will be sorted out very soon. Please be persistent. If that isn't enough, please let me know.

And please write to everybody in your address book to ask them to contribute, and to write on to their friends, et cetera. Look what Jonathan Scriven has put on his own blog:

I walked 109 kms in the week, 2495 kms for the year so far.

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