Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Septimus Flown

Took Septimus and Mrs Septimus to the airport at Carcassonne, then went into the "new town" (800 years old) to found out where the theatre Jean Deschamps is. We have booked to see Status Quo in that theatre next week. In Carcassonne they have a music festival for the whole of July, with more than one act per night appearing in a number of theatres.

Turns out the theatre we want is open-air and is in the Cite, a complete mediaeval walled city which is one of the major tourist attractions in France. The tourist office not only told us where the theatre is but booked us into a hotel for the same night as the show (which does not start until 2130). They also told us the forecast for this afternoon is at least 38 degrees Celsius. As we drove out of Carcassonne at 1130 the temperature was already 33 degrees.

This confirmed me in my decision to have a rest day today, which is not only a day when the morning is consumed by the visit to Carcassone, but is also our wedding anniversary. Tonight we are going to what we hear is a splendid restaurant at Camon - halfway to Mirepoix. The restaurant has been open only two or three years and we have only recently heard about it. The former Abbaye which houses it is also an up-market bed and breakfast, so we have booked to stay overnight as well. This could affect tomorrow's walking as well, but we shall see.

I wonder how many of my blog readers remember the original Septimus Willem, who I think was a pet spider belonging to the comic cartoon character Lord Snooty? Answers on a postcard, please.

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