Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Good News For An Old Salt

I have been doing some research about dehydration. Been a-Googling, as you might say. The consensus seems to be that if you perspire frequently and copiously, water alone is not enough to replenish. In fact for technical reasons associated with the lining of the stomach, or was it the intestines, water alone makes dehydration worse.

Salts are needed. There are various proprietary drinks available to accomplish this, but it seems that a pinch of salt in a squash drink is all you need. Strange one, that. We are all being exhorted to eat less salt. As it happens, we do not use any in cooking, but most people still seem to have plenty, if not too much.

However, in my own case, it would seem a good thing to try.

But Mollymama, on a TotalFrance forum, has found me some information which is much more up my street. She sent me this URL


The good news contained in that little gem is that a bag of crisps, or chips as they are known in some countries, will do the trick, when consumed with water.

I love my crisps but rarely eat them because I understood that they are bad for you. This news could transform my life, especially when I get back within range of those wonderful Murphy's crisps in New Zealand.

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