Saturday, July 25, 2009

JustGiving Website Rocks!

Time for me to eat humble pie.

It seems I have been traducing the new JustGiving website. They have had their problems, but everything seems to be OK now. The problem of donation amounts not showing, which I mentioned the other day, does not exist.

What happened was that one person, who has since admitted that his lack of technological knowhow was probably to blame, told me that he had donated but the amount was not showing on the page. I then checked and saw that the donations from several other people seemed to be blank, although the figures were included in the total raised.

I now know that, when donating, there is an option for the figure not to be shown, and that several people had ticked this option. I think the amount donated by the original self-confessed technoprat can be restored.

So, all is well, the JustGiving website, and my donations page, are up, running and ready to receive all-comers.

When we lived in Cyprus, our bank manager once said to us "spend without fear!". I now say to you "donate without fear".

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