Thursday, June 3, 2010

You Can Be A Star

This is Mike Preston. He is a gentleman and a scholar. He is also a star.

A year ago we didn’t know Mike. Then he donated to Pancreatic Cancer UK via my blog. A few weeks later we were able to meet him, even though he lives several hundred kms away. He just happens to live near our American friends, who we were visiting, near Nice.

I am indebted to Mike for a number of things, not least that he introduced me to WiFi Internet Radio. I did not even know this existed, despite the fact that my background is in Radio communications.

Mike’s latest qualification for stardom is that, having made a generous personal donation, he also organised a quiz at an expats fish and chip supper evening. The proceeds of the quiz, a cool £75, were donated to the fund for which I am walking.

You could do that. You could organise some small event to raise funds. If you get paid by the day or parcel of work, you could slip in an extra bit of effort, not to go into your pocket, but to help find a cure for this appalling disease which kills people in weeks, for which there has been no advance in treatment in the past 50 years, and which only gets 1% of cancer research funding, despite claiming 5% of cancer victims.

Then you would be a star, like Mike.

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