Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 32. Onwards, Ever Onwards

We are at Yvrė l’Evêque, even nearer to Le Mans, although I finished today’s walk from Mayet to near to Ruaudin. Tomorrow morning it is back to the same spot near Ruaudin, then I walk on, through Changé and Yvrė l’Evêque. By tomorrow lunchtime, we shall be well north of Le Mans.

As you can see, I walked past the Vatican, so it’s no wonder it feels like a long way. There was one coffee break in Ecommoy, after 10 kms (which is more than can be said for yesterday, so it’s no wonder I was so tired then) but the second one at Teloché – after 21 kms – failed to materialise. What sort of place has two boulangeries (bakers) but no bar? Clearly the people of Teloché have to eat their croissants in the silence of their lonely rooms.

The threatened rain was feeble in its approaches today and did not occasion the donning of a waterproof poncho. But again the temperature did not struggle even out of the teens. These temperatures are fine for me, but the people of France are clearly wondering where their summer is this year.

I think I may have forgotten to say that last Friday, when I crossed the Loire, I also left Centre Region for Pays de la Loire. We are still in that region, Sarthe departement. In a very few days, we shall be in our final region of France, Normandy, and will be preparing for the invasion of England.

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