Friday, June 11, 2010

Day 28. Long Roads

We camped overnight in Candes St Martin, so had to drive back to yesterday’s finishing point near Chinon. It then took me almost 3 hours to get back to Candes St Martin.

Soon after that, at Montsoreau, I walked over an immensely long bridge over the river Loire, which the Vienne (we seem to have been following, crossing and re-crossing the Vienne for weeks) has now joined.

When I got to the church in Allonnes, where Gay and I had agreed to meet, she was not there. It’s not much fun standing around when you have walked two thirds of a marathon, but there was nowhere to sit. And the sun had just come onto the boil after the inevitable daily rain. It wasn’t long before she drove up In V-Force One. It appears that the campsite, 3 kms outside Allonnes, where she had already booked in, is locked up between 12 and 2, and they were reluctant to let her out. Are these places for the benefit of the public, or are they prisons? They admonished her not to come back before 2, so we have sat outside the gates and had our lunch.

Today’s walk was 28.5 kms, with a mere 995 metres of ascents. 853.5 kms so far.

There have been a number of suggestions of songs for VBW, which I will publish soon. But how about “The Long And Winding Road”?

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