Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 31. No Entry, or No Exit?

When I was answering Jean’s question the other day, I omitted to say that, although I am not generally very tired, some days I am more tired than others. This was such a day. The day’s walk was only 24 kms (have you noticed how Gay’s excellent navigation has cut my average day down from about 35 to 30, by including some days well under 30, although we still end up in the same place as previously planned?) and thank goodness it was no further. I was dragging my feet from very early on. I have had days like this before, and will probably be back to normal tomorrow.

The picture shows a pretty effective “no entry” sign. You wouldn’t be trying to brush that aside, would you?

We are in Mayet, having completed 930 kms so far. Tomorrow we shall land up pretty close to Le Mans, and have so far failed to find a campsite. We may have to go to a hotel, but it would have to be one with good parking, and also one which does not keep its guests locked up until they feel like letting you go, as so many small French hotels do.

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