Saturday, June 12, 2010

Day 29. Visitations

This is a picture of something I passed today. If that isn’t evidence that they have landed, I don’t know what sort of proof you need. Mind you, some people say that when they see me charging through this country.

We had a very pleasant visit yesterday from Judith and Rob Fletcher, who made a big detour to see us instead of going straight from Calais to their house in the Creuse. In the evening, they came from their hotel in Breille les Pins, 9 kms away, drove us back to the hotel for a very splendid meal, then brought us back to our camp in Allonnes, where we said goodbye, for now.

This morning I realised that I would be passing by their hotel on my walk, and that in fact it was the only chance of a coffee stop today. I arrived a few minutes after they had departed. But I had a nice chat with two English couples who were still breakfasting. Of course I told them about VBW and they immediately came up with a donation, which I have just put onto the JustGiving website on their behalves. Thanks go to Joyce and Tony, Ann and Fred.

I then marched on to Parcay les Pins, where Gay was waiting in V-Force One, right underneath the very loud church bells which I had heard from several kilometres away. Because the drive to a campsite was another 10 kms, we nipped into the local café/bar. When Gay asked for tea, mine host revealed himself to be English, and named Terry. He refused payment for the two drinks. The price will go into the purple PCUK collecting tin we have for that purpose – it now contains a number of small amounts for little kindnesses such as Terry’s – it will be emptied eventually and the proceeds put into JustGiving as a collective donation. Terry is also going to display details of VBW and the need for donations, in his bar. Thanks, Terry.

Today’s walk, the first of the fifth week, was 25 kms. Total to date 878. Today’s climbing practice was 813 metres.

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