Friday, June 11, 2010

Vic's Big Walking Songs

There have been many suggestions for songs to speed me on my way.

Neil Hughes started the ball rolling before the walk started with these:

I walk the line- johny cash

These boots were made for walking – Nancy Sinatra

Walk on by – Dione Warwick

Running on empty – Jackson Browne

Anything by The Walker Brothers or Junior Walker and The All Stars.

Run for home – Lindisfarne

Then Graham Massey sent me this message:

Suppose you have an iPod with " on the road again" ( by Willie) but do you have "These boots were made for walking "( Nancy) and "Keep right on to the end of the road "( Sir Harry Lauder). Perhaps you have a few apt ones of your own ? Or you could ask for suggestions from your followers.

Rod King went onto the Internet to research for this mammoth production:

1. Walk On By

2. You’ll Never Walk Alone

3. Just Walking In The Rain (how appropriate)

4. Where’er You Walk (I believe this one may be classed as a hymn – at least by some people)

5. Walk The Road Again (I like this title because it is appropriately included in a song collection book named ‘The Coffee House Songbook’)

6. Walk On The Wild Side

7. Walk Don’t Run

8. Walking On Sunshine

9. Walking In The Sunshine

10. Walking In Rhythm

11. Walking For That Cake (Yes, really! This title is included in a songbook named ‘Best Loved Songs Of The American People’ – I wonder why?)

12. My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You (This song is specially for you (Vic), to sing to Gay and should be Columbia’s favourite)

Septimus came up with –

Take me home country roads"

Jean Dolan offered

Hit the road, Jack.

Dale Heighway gave me the full words for “Manchester Rambler” and “Thirsty Boots”

John Hayfield came up with: "Walk & Don't Look Back " which I think was Peter Tosh & M Jagger ?

There is of course also:

I'm walking - yes, indeed I'm walking. - by Fats Domino

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