Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day Twenty

A sunny day, and quite an enjoyable walk, except for the several kilometres where I found myself on what is now presumably an abandoned bit of GR, wading through wet, waist high grass, nettles, bracken and briars. That was not much fun.

We are now in Availles-Limouzine. Today I walked 27 kms, with a total ascent of 1052 metres. I have walked 623 (and a half!) kms since setting out on this venture.

We are camped very pleasantly by the Vienne River.

When I said a few days ago that, surprisingly, I had lost no weight as a result of all this activity, I was lying. Or at least I would be lying if I continued to tell you that. The situation is clouded by water retention in hot weather and water rejection in cold weather, but it is now clear that I am losing about 1 kg per week. That’s fine – I had too many anyway.

Somebody left a voicemail message on my English cellphone number, which was switched off because I am not using it in France. Since I seem to be incapable of retrieving this message, perhaps the person concerned can e-mail me instead. I think if you have my ‘phone number you must have my e-mail address as well, but it is available through the profile section of this blog.

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