Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 40 Extra. Plonk-It Seats

One of the things I have noticed almost daily while walking through France is the severe lack of places to sit and rest awhile.

In New Zealand they have an organisation, originally founded, I think, by a lady called Plunket. This organisation provides, all over the country, Plunket Rooms for women and children, safe havens where they can do womanly and childrenly things, undisturbed by the brute male of the species.

I propose to start a similar organisation in France. I am looking for a man called Plonk-It, ideally Lord or Marquis Plonk-It, who will act as patron and figurehead of the Plonk-It Society. But don’t you worry, Lord Plonk-It, wherever you are - I will do all the work.

The objective of the Plonk-It Society will be simple. It will provide, at every country crossroad in France, and down every country lane, a seat where weary walkers can Plonk their best features, henceforth to be known as It, while they chew the cud, slurp their water, and generally give their legs, and It, a wee rest.

This idea is the culmination of almost 70 years of education, experience, thought and consideration. It is my masterwork.

The picture shows the prototype of the standard Plonk-It seat. I saw it today – a very rare example of the very few existing Plonk-It facilities, and the only one I have ever seen with full sun protection.

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