Monday, June 7, 2010

Day Twenty Four. Moving On

Moving On? A Hank Snow song, also recorded by Elvis. Did you know that Hank Snow was the main financial backer of Elvis’ career? The “colonel” didn’t invest – he only collected.

We are north of Poitiers now, in Abilly. Today’s walk was 29 kms, bringing the total to 744 kms.

As I walked out of Pleumartin, I saw these lovely deer in a field. I assume they are tame, otherwise they are plundering some poor farmer’s hay. The goats were definitely legit.

I am struck by how many immense houses I see, or chateaux, still in good condition, and many still in private hands.

Another thing that has an impact on me is the war memorials. This one, in the very small town of Coussay-les-Bois, has over 30 dead in the First World War, just from that small town. Not many in the Second War, of course.

The countryside is more rolling now and even a few stiff climbs could bring the total ascents to not much over 700 metres. A doddle.

During the walk, I crossed the river Creuse at la Guerche. It was immediately obvious, from the change in car registration plates, that I had moved into another departement – out of Vienne and into Indre et Loire. We have also moved into another region, from Poitou-Charentes to Centre. This means changing the mapping card in my Satmap device, and that in turn emphasises that I am making progress, or moving on.

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