Friday, June 4, 2010

Day Twenty One

We are at Persac in Vienne departement. We are parked in the garden of Jacques Felix. Jacques is a French Canadian, from Quebec province and yesterday we had never heard of him, which is a shame.

While I was walking to Persac this morning, Gay drove here (having paused in l'Isle-Jourdain to identify a coffee stop for me). In Persac she found that the campsite does not open until June 15th (this gives them a season of two and a half months, which only bureaucrats running a business would find acceptable). She enquired about all this at the Mairie. Also visiting the Mairie was Jacques, who was there for a meeting about his property. He volunteered the use of his orchard (Gay has already plundered the cherries - by invitation) and electricity. He seems a very kind and friendly man.

Today's march was 30 kms, bringing the total to 653.5. Total ascents today were 966 metres, under a thousand for the first time in living memory. I started keeping a record of the climbs when it struck me, after all that talk about Ben Nevis, that I am probably climbing Everest every week, as well as walking over 200 kms. Statistics show that this may be correct.

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