Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 27. Steeper Work

It’s funny that, a day after saying something about soldiers marching, I should find myself in between two squads on a route march. They weren’t gaining on me, either. The ones pictured are only so far away because I paused to take the photo. In fact they only got past me because I took yet another wrong turn.

It’s also funny that, a day after starting to read a book in which Chinon features, I should find myself in the town itself, as pictured. The book is one of Sharon Penman’s series of excellent historical novels about the Norman kings of England.

I walked to a few kms past Chinon today, although we are camped in Candes St Martin. We have to go back in the morning for me to pick up the thread.

Today’s tramp was 30 kms. 825 in all now. And after 3 days of flatter land, I am back to steeper work, with total ascents today of 1257 metres.

The other picture was taken outside last night’s accommodation and clearly shows why we were there.

And it’s been damn well raining again. Will it ever stop?

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