Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A slight dingle with the dongle

Hi everyone, the Surrogate Blogger here again - Heaney Minor (there being more than one Heaney Junior!). Dad's first day in UK turned out to be a little problematic. The planned route turned out to be 43km and not 30km as planned, so some heavy reworking of the routes will be done, hopefully, in the next few days. Also, Dad's English dongle for Internet access proved to be a dodo, showing no signs of life whatsoever, so there may not be many blog entries by the Big Walker for the next few days. I shall try my best to keep you up to dates with the facts, if not the anecdotes. One thing that must have been nice for Dad today was that his youngest brother, Paul, met him off the ferry and walked the entire first UK day with him. I think (although I may stand corrected yet) that this was a surprise visit, not planned by the Big Walker. Good Work, Uncle Paul!!

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talesfromagarden said...

I imagine the support will be so much more now that Vic is on home territory! The technical stuff will sort itself out too!