Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 25. Philosophy

How many roads must a man walk down …?

Thank you, Bob, very philosophical, but I don’t think people will buy that sort of dirgy stuff.

Various people have taken a stab at suggesting theme songs for Vic’s Big Walk. Most of them have been fairly obvious, - These Boots Were Made For Walking – I Walk The Line – On The Road Again. But nobody has suggested the above, or, for instance, Maura o’Connell’s Footsteps Fall.

What would you suggest?

A short walk today, of 24 kms, to Nouatre, where I found Gay waiting for me in a place (I just realised how silly that reads - I mean a French place, i.e. a square. We are encamped at St Maure de Touraine, a few kms away. Total distance covered to date is 768 kms. Wednesday next week I will probably go over the 1000 kms mark. What sort of celebration should we have for that?

I stopped off in Descartes this morning. Chief export philosophy – this is where the great philosopher hailed from. It seems a big sort of town for philosophy, a bit industrialised, although quoting Descartes is a bit of an industry, is it not?

When I went to the boulangerie for a bun to have with my morning coffee, I discovered pattes d’Ours. That means either bear’s footprint or bears paw. I can’t remember which, but in pastry form it is the same as the bear’s claws they sell in North America. I have never seen them in France before. And they were very nice – I use the plural advisedly because once again I seemed to end up with two.

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