Thursday, June 3, 2010

Change of Route

Change of Route

This is the result of Gay’s rerouting operation. The places named are roughly where I will finish up each day’s walking. They are not necessarily where we shall be staying overnight. That depends on availability of campsites. In some places there are none, in others there is a campsite but it is not open yet – perhaps - maybe.

So if you want to meet us in France it is advisable to contact us first.

3/6/2010 Availles-Limouzine Vienne Poitou-Charente
4/6/2010 Persac Vienne Poitou-Charente
5/6/2010 Leignes-sur-Fontaine Vienne Poitou-Charente
6/6/2010 Pleumartin Vienne Poitou-Charente
7/6/2010 Abilly Indre-et-Loire Centre
8/6/2010 Nouatre Indre-et-Loire Centre
9/6/2010 Panzoult Indre-et-Loire Centre
10/6/2010 St Germain-sur-Vienne/Indre-et-Loire/Centre
11/6/2010 Allonnes Maine-et-Loire/Pays de la Loire
12/6/2010 Parcay-les-Pins Maine-et-Loire/Pays de la Loire
13/6/2010 Broc Maine-et-Loire/Pays de la Loire
14/6/2010 Mayet Sarthe Pays de la Loire
15/6/2010 Ruaudin Sarthe Pays de la Loire
16/6/2010 Neuville Sarthe Pays de la Loire
17/6/2010 Asséle-Riboul Sarthe Pays de la Loire
18/6/2010 Sougé-le-Ganelon Sarthe Pays de la Loire
19/6/2010 la Roche-Mabile Orne Basse-Normandie
20/6/2010 Boucé Orne Basse-Normandie
21/6/2010 Putange-Pont-Écrepin Orne Basse-Normandie
22/6/2010 St Philberte-sur-Orne Orne Basse-Normandie
23/6/2010 Clécy Calvados Basse-Normandie
24/6/2010 Thury-Harcourt Calvados Basse-Normandie
25/6/2010 Clinchamps-sur-Orne Calvados Basse-Normandie
26/6/2010 Caen Calvados Basse-Normandie
27/6/2010 Ouistreham Ferry Calvados Basse-Normandie

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