Sunday, August 30, 2009

Taking Some Stick

At last the temperature has fallen below 30 degrees - some days! It was even pleasantly cool in the mornings a couple of times - 14 degrees when we started our walk to Quillan yesterday.

A week when I found a stick - for the first time I felt need of one as I had to go down an almost vertical bank of loose earth and no handholds, but that was the day before I found the stick! I must dig out Oliver Andrew's list of uses for a stick, which is quite amusing. I can't remember whether the need for a third leg on tricky hillsides was on his list. Surely it must be.

Also a week when I lost a pepper spray. A week in which I walked 101 kms, making 3164 kms for the year and 1807 kms for this pair of shoes. Can't you just tell I have a diploma in statistics?

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