Tuesday, August 4, 2009

More on Dog Deterrence

Some interesting comments on yesterday's posting about deterrence for nasty dogs.

Kristalfr recommends the use of a Dazer - an ultrasound emitter. I first saw these mentioned when I was browsing a SkyMall catalogue while flying in USA. When I got home I had a look at their website. All the reviews from their own customers expressed dissatisfaction. Yesterday I looked at Amazon reviews of the same gadget. There were more satisfied customers, but they were all about getting dogs to stop barking, rather than getting them to stop ripping off your arm. One even suggested that you need to use the Dazer several times over a period in order to train the dog. Not quite what I would have in mind while being attacked while walking.

Kelly carries a prpper spray and has had it examined by security guards, without confiscation. I am not sure that means the gendarmes would have the same attitude, but it is interesting, nevertheless.

Thanks to both Ks.

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