Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Full Time Job

I am looking for a motorcaravan manufacturer or supplier to loan me a campervan for the duration of the walk, with an option for me to purchase it when the walk is done. This is an excellent opportunity for such a company to receive wide exposure. The publicity is obviously hotting up - I was asked for more information by a newspaper yesterday. Another newspaper will have something about my walk in September. Columbia have said their design team will come up with a design which will cover the vehicle head to foot, obviously including details of my major sponsors. My wife Gay will be driving the vehicle as our temporary home and office during the walk.

I am also writing a book of the walk. Clearly I can at the moment only write about a third of the book, about inspiration and preparation. I need this to send with a synopsis to prospective publishers. The chapters about progress on the walk itself will be done each day, in the aforementioned campervan. As will daily updates of my blog.

The blog and various other forums and websites which cover my progress, are already receiving thousands of readers each week. These are from all over the world, almost every country, with large concentrations in France and UK, which one would expect, but almost as many in USA.

As you can see, what with the training for the walk (up to five hours a day, plus getting to the start point - my wife drops me off), running the blog, writing the book, managing the donations page - VBW is for me a full time job at the moment.

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talesfromagarden said...

well vic there is nothing like being busy!thats great that you are doing a book on the walk, should help to keep the motivation up, hope you are successful in your search for a campervan!good luck with everything!