Saturday, August 15, 2009

Juicing Up

This humble vegetable can increase the endurance of long-distance athletes - and of course long-distance walkers - by 16%. This is extremely useful information to me, what with my plans to walk for 30 kms a day for ten weeks. It could make the difference between me struggling at 25 kms every day, and hopping happily on to the 30 kms mark - or a bit further if there is no convenient stopping place at 30 kms.

I love beetroot anyway. If it's the juice you are after, you don't even have to cook the beet. Gay's breadmaker conked out this week, so we had to go for a new one. While at the supplier, we bought a juicer. The raw beet juice, mixed with a few other things such as apple, is delicious. That juicer is now earmarked as part of the crew for the VBW battlebus.

I saw the news in the Daily Telegraph. If you want to read more, it is at this URL:

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