Saturday, August 1, 2009


Yesterday afternoon I was working away on my computer when I heard a war starting outside. Large vehicles were hurtling past, sirens were sounding, and planes were zooming round the sky, very low down.

I went outside to have a look, thinking that some filming was taking place. Several movies have been filmed in or around Puivert Castle while we have lived here. The RAF were very active during WWII, dropping arms and supplies to the Resistance camp at the Maquis du Picaussel, standing at 1000 metres in front of the house. Possibly some filming in connection with that?

But the planes seemed to be those used for dumping water, and a total of 16 fire engines went past the house. The planes were circling only a couple of kilometres away, if that. A forest fire, then, the scourge of Southern Europe in this type of weather.

Today we discovered in the local paper that there was a total of 4 fires, within a couple of hours, between here and Villefort, a tiny village a couple of kilometres away. At least 3 of them were started deliberately and the police swung into action with road blocks to try to trap the firebugs within the area. Nobody caught so far. What sort of person does this sort of thing?

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